The Starchild of 


*The Field of Unlimited Possibilities– a portal of pure magic and limitless opportunity for manifestation, known in the Fairy language as Atarashara.

To believe in magic is our birthright.
In opening our senses to its existence, we open ourselves to a world of unlimited possibilities...

M. Louise Cadrin


Who Is This Story For?

This is a coming-of-age story of a thirteen-year-old heroine but can speak to any reader who is striving to understand their true, core identity. It is a story about coming into one’s power, fulfilling one’s destiny, and staying true to oneself when challenged with adversity. It is also a story to remind us of the field of magic and infinite possibilities that exist around us at all times.  

The main character of the book can see and sense magical beings that others cannot. As a result, she does not fit in with others her age. Her life changes abruptly overnight upon discovering that she is made up of pure magic, manifested from a portal of unlimited possibilities and destined to save many. This story is a Hero’s Journey. It is filled with magical allies, challenges and obstacles, and ultimately the heroine finding her own ‘tribe’ of beings and a place where she belongs. 

This book is appropriate for all readers.

Author’s Message

"I believe that magic is present inside us and all around us. In opening our senses to it, we open ourselves to a world of unlimited possibilities. This is my hope and wish for the readers of The Starchild of Atarashara: to connect with the wonder that exists around us at all times, to remember that we all have a place to belong, and to know that we all have the power to draw from a field of infinite possibilities to create the life that we want."


the bookstores

You can find the book in the bookstores listed below:

Banyen Books & Sound

3608 4th Avenue W, Vancouver, BC


The White Dwarf
3715 West Tenth Ave.Vancouver, B.C. Canada


Black Bond Books Ladner
Trenant Park Square
5251 Ladner Trunk Road Ladner, British Columbia, Canada V4K 1W4


Whitby’s Books White Rock
14877 Marine Drive, White Rock, British Columbia, Canada


Natural Comfort and Wellness Centre
#117-1077 56th St., Delta, British Columbia, Canada


Indigo Grandview Corners, South Surrey (available in 2019)
2453 – 161A Street, Unit 10Surrey, British Columbia Canada


The Reading Room

#127 – 1315, 56th Street Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada



McNally Robinson, Saskatoon Store

8th Street at Circle Drive. 3130-8th StreetEast.Saskatoon, SK. Canada




To My Mom...

This book is in memory of Fay Cadrin, who passed into Spirit before its completion.

Mom delighted in the characters of this story and took great pride in sketching them.

She is present in the book, through her sketch of the character, Dineah Firefly.

Thanks, Mom – love you!

"Life is a Field of Unlimited Possibilities"

Deepak Chopra

Quote from the book

"Sarah had not known the sensation of really knowing herself until the first time she had stood at Atarashara’s doorway. She could still recall the pure, life-affirming magic that had awakened inside her, moving and coursing through every part of her body. Only then had the Starchild fully comprehended why she was a beacon to any who could feel its presence, for the magic had poured from her and into her, filling her lungs with every breath, swirling around her every limb, pulsing outward with each beat of her heart. She had felt the life rhythms of the Ancient Forest match her own, and then she had felt her awareness extend even further, synchronizing with the stars, the planets, the galaxy. For the second time in her young life, she had experienced the intelligence known as Atarashara move within her – but this time, she had welcomed it. Sarah had shared this with no one, not even Dineah, for she could not put into words the experience of coming home to herself.


Sarah knew that she travelled somewhere when she met with ‘the field of unlimited possibilities’. Even though her body remained rooted in the Forest, her consciousness went elsewhere. She had little recollection of where she went, or what occurred while she was there. But each time she returned, Sarah felt refreshed ... renewed ... more solidified, as if Atarashara’s magic was more entrenched within her."


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